VII day of the carob bean in Mallorca

On May 9, the VII Conference for the Promotion and Improvement of Algarrobo Cultivation was held. Es Garrover de Mallorca .

The association Innovative Companies of La Garrofa (EiG) organized it together with the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Government.

Palma was chosen since carob cultivation in Mallorca represents 20% of all cultivation in Spain.

This seminar has seen the most recent techniques for its cultivation, the agronomic behavior of the different varieties of carob and its commercialization. In addition to the different applications in the food industry.

It has been a space for reflection, union, exchange of ideas and experiences among carob professionals.

Attendees had the opportunity to taste the different products made with carob.

Two guided visits were also made to two experimental carob plantations, one located in Manacor and the other located in Llucmajor.

The Palma City Council invited attendees to a tour of the city.

You can see a reference to the Diario de Mallorca of this day. “ The carob a product with infinite possibilities “.

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