If you want your sauces to be more consistent, give them body with our locust bean paste. Digestive, anti-inflammatory and natural source of fiber. Are you going to resist?

100% organic certified locust bean gum. Thickener product made from the carobs from Mallorca’s organic farming. Great for deserts, cakes, pasties, and also sauces and ice creams. It has a high boost of energy.


PVP (IVA incluido)


Nutrition information for each 100 g.
Nutritional value 1482,54 KJ / 354,10 Kcal
Fats 1,20g
Carbohydrates 78,90 g
Proteines 6,2 g
Fiber 80,02 g
Moistrure 12,60 g
Hashes 1,10 g
PH 6,5
– Calcium 98,4 mg
– Iron 1,6 mg
– Potasium 320,30 mg
– Sodium 30,60 mg

Nutritional benefits
· Low Fat Content
· Naturally Saturated Fat Free
· No Sugar Added
· Source of Fiber
· Source of Calcium
· Source of Magnesium
· Natural Product
· Gluten Free
· Vegan
· From the organic agriculture of mallorca
· Natural Input of Minerals and Vitamines

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