See you at Biofach

Today on February 14, we are on the way to Biofach (Nuremberg), our first trade fair and the most important in terms of ecological products in the world.

As my mother says, “Juana Maria, every job is a profit”.

In love with our work and our project, Es Garrover de Mallorca is ready and in full sail.

We are invaded by a feeling of joy, enthusiasm for knowing other points of view and companies of the same sector, curiosity for; “Who will be”, the desire to open up to new markets and above all committed to; who we are, what we want and where we come from “sa roqueta”.

We introduce our new line of carob products “Johannis”, after two years of effort, dedication, research and learning, we are ready to take the first international step.

We go hand in hand with excellent Mallorcan companies with their ecological products, Ca’n Feliu, Vitali, José Luís Ferrer Vins, Oli Novembre, Especies Crespi and Ca’n Ferrerico.

We produce quality products, from our land, Mediterranean, local, inherited from our tradition, obtained through an agricultural system of food production, respecting human health and the environment, sustainability-healthy and ecological lifestyle, these are the values that move us.

On the return we counted, 2300 exhibitors from 86 countries, attracting 44 000 professionals from 129 countries!!

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