I am a woman

International women’s day, symbol of gender equality and the future is in sharing efforts between women-men and vice versa.

To all “Wonder Woman”;

Yes I am a woman, yes I am a mother, yes I am a wife, yes I am a housewife, yes I am a professional, yes I am an entrepreneur, yes I am a businesswoman, yes I am decisive, yes I am a leader, yes I am an athlete , yes I am a friend, yes I am a daughter, yes I am CAPABLE, …..

It is not only the feeling that makes us feel, but also creativity and inspiration. We avoid confusing our strengths with our weaknesses.

Yes, I am an artist of my life.

Congratulations to all women on Earth.

I congratulate ourselves on being who we are, and to continue to live intensively our lifes with passion.

An image that represents our greatest strengths and the necessary moments of quietness in nature that rewards our daily effort.

My thanks to all women !!!

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