How to order

Steps to follow to make a purchase

You can make your purchases online, by phone or in our physical store. We explain how to make your purchase online following these five easy steps:


1.- Selection of the products you want to buy

Add the products you prefer to the cart and when finished click the cart icon. You will access your list of items included in the cart.

At this time you can change the number of units, delete a product that does not interest you or continue shopping.

You will also see a summary of the selected items, in addition to the total amount to pay.

If you are satisfied, press the “Complete purchase” button.


2.- Personal data and payment

At this point we need your data. If you already have an account, just log in. If you do not have it, fill in the information and create an account that will help you track your order and save time on future orders.

Shipping costs will be calculated based on the destination address. If you opt for store pickup, shipping is free.

Fill in the bank card details.

Press the “Place order” button



You will see the Banco de Sabadell screen to confirm the payment.


4.- Confirmation and details of the order

You have already made the purchase!

This page confirms the correct processing of the order, shows you the data of this and the products purchased.

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