Delivery times and shipping rates

Delivery times

The usual delivery time for Es Garrover de Mallorca is from 3 to 10 working days, counting from the date of the order.

Es Garrover de Mallorca will send an e-mail to the client informing him of the departure of the order from the warehouse. Said e-mail will also provide the shipping number so that the Client can track the shipment, as well as the Customer Service telephone number of the transport company, so that, in the event of any incident in delivery, the Customer can contact the carrier directly to resolve it.

If after ten (10) business days from the delivery of the order delivery has not been arranged, the Customer must contact Es Garrover de Mallorca. In the event that the Client does not proceed in this way, after 10 business days from the delivery of the order, it will be returned to the Es Garrover de Mallorca warehouses, and the Client must bear the shipping and return costs. of the merchandise, as well as the possible associated management expenses.

If the delivery could not be made due to the loss of the package, our carrier would initiate an investigation. In these cases, the response times of our carriers usually range from one to three weeks. In such cases, Es Garrover de Mallorca will contact the Client to decide if the order is canceled and the amount paid (cost of the products and shipping costs) is paid, or if a new order is sent, without additional cost.

At the time of delivery, the Client must check the good condition of the package before the transport company that, on behalf of Es Garrover de Mallorca, delivers the requested product, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that could be detected in the packaging, and notify Es Garrover de Mallorca, within a maximum period of 24 hours, by telephone (0034) 672 598 491 or by email, in order to be able to make, if necessary, the proper claim to the transport company.

The maximum term set for deliveries is thirty (30) days, established by default in the Law.

Picked up at the store

If the Customer lives near our store, they can pick up their order at the store. Thus, you can order at home and avoid the associated transport costs. Once the order confirmation is received, you can go to the store to pick it up. The presentation of the DNI will be mandatory

Shipping rates

We have very competitive shipping rates. All prices indicated here have VAT included.

The rate can be seen at the time of entering the address and sent in the order.

Shipments are made through the Post Office.

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