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  • 100 g of 70% cocoa chocolate
  • 150 g of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 g of minced Mallorca almonds
  • 40 g of natural Johannis carob powder
  • 10 g of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons of orange marmalade
  • Icing sugar
  • A 15 x 30 cm mold


Melt the dark chocolate with the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Combine the eggs and sugar in a bowl with a hand mixer. Add the butter and chocolate mixture. Add the chopped almonds, Johannis carob powder, baking powder and orange marmalade and mix.

Line the brownie pan with parchment paper and fill with the batter. Bake at 160 ° C for 25-30 minutes. After baking, remove from pan and cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes.

Serve with Johannis carob sauce and vanilla ice cream or fruit compote.

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