Being a Rural woman

We begin the year 2018, with more force than ever. With new learning and tools that will give us a new approach, with our own roots and concrete goals;

Who we are, where we come from, what we want and how we will do it.

We are a family business, daughter of a company specialized in carob from our islands.

We come full of experience from three generations of work, effort and dedication from the rural world.

We want to promote through our products the sustainable development, the quality of life of the rural population in general and also of women.

We encourage young farmers to join the fields, avoiding the ageing of active farmers, creating a new air in the sector, with fair wages, synergies between local companies and new opportunities to grow together.

How do we do that?

By setting an example of our objectives:

-Company with; positive social impact.

-Reconversion of our own farms into ecological ones.

-Respectful; with the environment.

-Striving every day to create new products of carob, for a healthier and healthier diet, which comes directly from our land. Local.

-Investing in research and new technologies. Pilot project.

-Certified with Ecological Agriculture. Cbpae / Apaema.

-Betting on the reinsertion into the labour market of people with disabilities. Estel Nou.

-SAT, we make it easier for farmers to become partners in our agricultural transformation society belonging to L’OPFH, for the management and collection of subsidies from the European Economic Community.

-Associated to the competent autonomous institutions, organisms, associations and companies in order to be up to date. Fademur, Pyme, Asaia,…

As a rural woman, I join the movements that are progress, gender equality, improvements with our rural sector, agrifood and grow to give value to the products of our land.

When you share objectives, you can grow together.

Wanting is Creating



Juana Verger

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