Algarrobos recovery project

In collaboration with APAEMA (Association of Ecological Agrarian Production of Mallorca), and the Foundation for the Conservation of Mallorca they are financing the regeneration of 2000 non-productive carob trees in Mallorca through Es Garrover de Mallorca

APAEMA is a non-profit association that was established in 2006 based on the proposal of organic farmers and processors in Mallorca with the main goal of having a platform for the defense and promotion of organic farming. APAEMA has more than 400 partners

The Mallorca Preservation Fund (MAPF), founded in 2017, was created to preserve Mallorca’s natural resources and protect the environment and, in doing so, make Mallorca a role model for the sustainable management of the islands. MAPF supports local conservation initiatives and projects that share this objective and whose objective is to protect the natural value of Mallorca.

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