ADAC Travel Magazine Mallorca dedicates a report to carob

ADAC Travel Magazine Mallorca, dedicates a report to carob, Europe’s most important travel magazine dedicates a report to carob and Es Garrover de Mallorca.

The prestigious ADAC Reisemagazin magazine dedicates in its latest issue, corresponding to the months of September and October 2019, a report to the carob tree and Es Garrover de Mallorca. With 3.4 million readers, and a circulation of 167,000 copies, this is the most important travel magazine in Europe.

ADAC Reisemagazin belongs to the German Automobile Club (ADAC), which groups more than 16 million families, and is the most important automobile association in Europe. Thus, the fact that the German magazine dedicates a report to Es Garrover de Mallorca has, without a doubt, a great value for us, and more if one takes into account that Germany is a great market for tourists to Mallorca.

In this report, the German magazine talks about carob, its properties and our products.

We greatly appreciate the magazine that has thought of us and has treated us so well

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