For three generations, my family has traditionally dedicated itself to the production and transformation of carob, intended for animal consumption.

I dedicated many years of my life to the finance sector, although my deepest desire was to be able to dedicate myself to a more positive and creative work, something that would also bring a benefit to society and was related to what i had lived since I was a child, the carob.

I went on a trip to Peru and discovered that there the carob was the basis of the diet of its people: once ground and toasted, they made bread. By distilling the carob they obtained a rich sweetener. So I thought that I should try to introduce this new concept in Mallorca.

In 2015, after years of testing and many efforts, Es Garrover de Mallorca was born, a new version of everything that had grown with me. A new way of considering and revaluing this native fruit of our Islands, always present in our lives. In other words, dignify the carob and place it in the place that I think it deserves. Thus, with this intention, we created the Johannis gourmet organic product line. Gluten-free and vegan products that can accompany us in our gastronomic adventures in both sweet and savory dishes.

Es Garrover de Mallorca is a project aimed at promoting sustainable cultivation, not only at the production level, but also
also at the resource management level, aware of the need to actively participate in the social integration of groups
with special needs.

A project, in short, with a clear collaborative vocation.
Johannis products, created by Es Garrover de Mallorca, are products made with love, contain natural ingredients, are a pleasure for the senses and a true source of well-being for the body.

Es Garrover de Mallorca
A matter of love

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